My name is Rick Pack and I am a data scientist with nearly 15 years of experience in statistical programming / data science. This blog’s content is solely my own and does not represent anything about my employer.

I have a Master’s of Applied Statistics from Penn State University. My goal with most posts is to preserve and disseminate what I learn about the use of the free (open-source) data science software, R. Spatial analyses are an area of great interest.

Twitter: @rick_pack2.

Stack Overflow profile: https://stackoverflow.com/users/2305061/rick-pack

Github: https://github.com/RickPack

I am currently mentoring youth through the 100 Black Men of Triangle East service organization and have volunteered in the Big Brothers / Big Sisters program, for Black Girls Code, and the Raleigh St. Ambrose Episcopal Church chess mentorship program.

I am on the board of the Research Triangle Analysts and TriPASS. I have presented for UseR! 2020 (on behalf of Ben Ubah, who analyzes the popularity of R using data sources including his Meetup API-based R Community Explorer ) along with the Research Triangle Analysts and TriPASS Data Science segment.

“It is amateurs who have one big bright beautiful idea that they can never abandon. Professionals know that they have to produce theory after theory before they are likely to hit the jackpot.”

Francis Crick

Credit to Tim Ferriss’ “5- Bullet Friday” July 29, 2019 email. #5BulletFriday

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