My name is Rick Pack and I am a data scientist who currently works for LabCorp supporting business analyses as well as accountable care organizations as part of a value-based healthcare initiative. I have a Master’s of Applied Statistics from Penn State University (World Campus). My goal with each post is to preserve and instruct what I learn about the use of R, and occasionally SAS and / or Linux. Population health will ultimately become more of a focus. Meanwhile, I occasionally tweet health-encouraging material with others in IT (join us!) using the hashtag #goofyreligion (no offense intended – I did not coin the tag) as a fun, collective encouragement of physical activity.

My Twitter handle is @rick_pack2.

Stack Overflow profile (aiming for a >=200 rating by the end of 2018) : https://stackoverflow.com/users/2305061/rick-pack

I am currently mentoring youth through the 100 Black Men of Triangle East non-profit and have volunteered in the Big Brothers / Big Sisters program as well as the Raleigh St. Ambrose Episcopal Church chess mentorship program. I have presented at TriPASS Data Science meetings and attended those coordinated by the Research Triangle Analysts.

I am grateful for my wife, Ryan Pack, a talented business woman, and our dog, Molly the goldendoodle.


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