R-GSoC “Biodiversity” Projects

Using Benaiah Ubah’s “R Community Explorer” dashboard, I explored recent R-Google Summer of Code (R-GSoC) projects to aid in a proposal for #rstats Google Summer of Code 2021.

What jumped out at me was how often “Biodiversity” has appeared in a project name.

R Google Summer of Code projects' word count and word cloud data visualizations show biodiversity as a popular term.
Notice “biodiversity” as large on the left in orange and number 3 in word count

Vijay Barve, Tomer Gueta, and Thiloshon Nagarajah are among the names of frequent mentors for these projects. Ashwin Agrawal, Rahul Chauhan, Povilas Gibas, and Thiloshon Nagarajah (again!) are among the mentees for multiple R-GSoC “biodiversity” projects.

We may make these links clickable as part of the R-GSoC 2021 work if we are fortunate to get selected. The first Google hits for “bddashboard” appeared quickly to include the Google Summer of Code project link and a Github.io link as relevant links. Ben Ubah and I might explore whether R-GSoC contributors might want the R Community dashboard link to go to the Github link, Google Summer of Code link, or another.

Using the Github.io link, I went to the indicated Github link and am not sure this is the correct repository. There have only been 10 commits and there is no description. There is not a requirement to keep an active an informative Github link so this is totally acceptable. Nevertheless, it still suggests an opportunity to facilitate the acquisition of information about R-GSoC projects so that others can support and potentially collaborate on the important work that has been, and will continue to be, performed.


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