Please support R Community Explorer

I discovered this week that the developer of the R Community Explorer web-based dashboard has created all of his glorious output on an inferior computer. Please consider becoming a patron of Ben Ubah’s R Community Explorer for as little as $1 / month. There is no time commitment – terminate patronge at any time.

Google Summer of Code 2018 and 2019 project – R Community Explorer

The R Community Explorer has been featured multiple times by and The R Community Explorer summarizes international R user group data obtained through the R-Ladies Meetup API, data concerning years of successful R Google Summer of Code (R-GSoC) projects. It currently shows that $117,500 has been raised for the R Project through R-GSoC. Thank you to current R-GSoC administrators Toby Dylan Hocking, Brian Peterson, and backup Virgilio Gomez Rubio.

R-Google Summer of Code as summarized in the R Community Explorer

This automatically daily-updating Github Continuous Integration work would not be possible without the R-Ladies meetupr R package, which enables easy acquisition of data through the Meetup API. I am honored to be able to say that I (Rick Pack) and R Community Dashboard developer Ben Ubah have been identified as contributing authors of the meetupr package, which was chiefly authored by Erin LeDell, Olga Mierzwa-Sulima, Lucy D’Agostino McGowan, and Claudia Vitolo. Doctor Vitolo and I have co-mentored Ben Ubah in two years of Google Summer of Code work on this project.

R-Ladies meetupr R package on Github. Also found in CRAN.

R will remain a popular datascience language for many years and we are already working on a Google Summer of Code project for 2021 that will further increase awareness of R along with helping current R users. Please consider becoming a patron of Ben Ubah’s R Community Explorer for as little as $1 / month.

Thank you Ben Ubah for asking me to record a video for useR! 2020 describing the R Community Explorer

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