Updating Rcpp – EXTPRT_PTR error

TLDR: If you see an rsession.exe error that references EXTPRT_PTR when opening and closing R Studio after updating Rcpp, you appear to have the options of (i) updating R or (ii) installing the current Github version of Rcpp.


I experienced a need to update Rcpp when I attempted to install the readxlsb R package, which promised to enable me to read .xlsb files in R.

What happened next has been forgotten: Did the attempted update of Rcpp appear to succeed or fail? I did record that my attempted installation of readxlsb still failed and I now experienced an unfamiliar error when I opened and closed R Studio:

“The procedure entry point EXTPTR_PTR could not be located in the dynamic link library”

A search online for the error yielded a Github page reporting on a need to update R to 4.0.2 to eliminate the error.

Submitting version at the R prompt showed that my R version was 4.0.0.

I sought a solution to avoid updating R in case a re-installation of R packages might have been needed. This time-consuming process might not have been needed given the minor update from 4.0.0 to 4.0.2. Nevertheless…

The Github page for the Rcpp package on which many R packages are dependent reported a more recent version than what was available on CRAN (accessed via install.packages()): vs. 1.0.5.

My work computer blocks the use of install_github, sometimes.

So I downloaded the ZIP file from the Github page and submitted:


DONE (Rcpp) indicated success.

Submitting devtools::install_local(‘C:/Users/Packr1/Downloads/readxlsb-master.zip’) to install readxlsb prompted me to update Rcpp to a version NA. That did not seem like a good idea so I entered 3 to skip the update.

And soon, readxlsb was installed.

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