Brief: Blank line removal and separating comma-separated list in Notepad++

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I received a list of numbers in Excel and needed to:

  •  Eliminate the blank lines
  • Where values separated by a comma like “1323290, 4324432187” appeared, make each value appear on its own row, sans a comma a la:
    • 1323290
    • 4324432187

Solution in Notepad++:

  • Eliminate the blank lines by “Remove Empty Lines” under Edit -> Line Operations ->
  • Press CTRL+H to open the Replace menu box. Press CTRL+X to choose Extended as the Search Mode at the bottom-left.
  • Next to “Find what :”, press the comma-key and then the space-key inside the box
  • Next to “Replace with :”, place \n inside the box
  • Press CTRL+A to Replace All




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