Unofficial (flawed) Max Hamlyn competition results in #rstats – Carolina Godiva Track Club Summer Track Series (2018) in #Rstats part 3

With an hour remaining until the final Carolina Godiva Track Club Summer Track Series all-comers track meet, let’s dash out a blog post as if more excitement was needed.

Having created the R data frame (track_res_all) with the 2018 results via the code at the bottom of the last blog post, it is my pleasure to present the unofficial results at this time for the Max Hamlyn competition,  honoring “long time Godiva member and track competitor Max Hamlyn, who is no longer among us this year“.



These are unofficial results because I need to check my code. track_res_all has unexpected duplicate rows that I had to eliminate prior to the creation of these dot plots. I also used the dense_rank function of the dplyr package so ties-in-place are treated as points-wise equivalent. Here is the Max Hamlyn scoring:

  • 1st in an event per gender = 5
  • 2nd = 4
  • 3rd = 3
  • 4th = 2
  • 5th = 1

Nevertheless, with now 40 minutes remaining until the track meet, I am even more excited. I did not expect to be in a position to win the Max Hamlyn competition.

Of course, I may not be.

I am representing the Carolina Godiva Track Club at the Sir Walter Raleigh 4×400 club relay competition Friday night and the aforementioned results have shifted my plan for tonight…

[Delay of time occurred here]

I took a minute to check some of Tom Hoerger’s data rows and I see some rows appearing twice aside from a difference in the age-graded run times. This means my acquisition of the age-graded factor from Excel files is flawed. So these are not just unofficial but flawed results.

Still, rather than skip the 800 meter run tonight, I now plan to run that event hard. I may score at least a point if I can run about 2:35, which I have done in the past. Scoring points in the 200 meter run is likely.

I might see John Stiner, expert sports masseuse, on Friday before the relay to correct the muscular damage I do tonight! I  saw him earlier today. He managed to get my glutes firing and eliminate left knee discomfort (tight soleus muscle, he indicated).


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