R Users & R-Ladies GSoC Dashboard – preview

This project has been featured in the R-Consortium blog! https://www.r-consortium.org/blog/2019/08/12/r-community-explorer https://www.r-consortium.org/blog/2019/09/09/r-community-explorer-r-user-groups I recently completed my mentorship with Dr. Claudia Vitolo of Google Summer of Code 2019 (GSoC 2019) mentee, Ben Ubah. Ben designed a Travis Continuous Integration and JavaScript-based dashboard for R-Ladies, R Users, and GSoC R-Consortium projects. The R-Ladies meetupr package was strongly leveraged. […]

Ultimate Runner 2019 : 1st Seedlist in R

The first seeds have been released for the Ultimate Runner 2019, a June 29th multi-distance running event coordinated by the Twin City Track Club in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I used R and regular expressions to extract columnar data from an emailed non-fixed width table containing names, gender, age, and 1-mile seed times. You can download […]