R-GSoC “Biodiversity” Projects

Using Benaiah Ubah’s “R Community Explorer” dashboard, I explored recent R-Google Summer of Code (R-GSoC) projects to aid in a proposal for #rstats Google Summer of Code 2021. What jumped out at me was how often “Biodiversity” has appeared in a project name. Vijay Barve, Tomer Gueta, and Thiloshon Nagarajah are among the names of frequent […]

Please support R Community Explorer

I discovered this week that the developer of the R Community Explorer web-based dashboard has created all of his glorious output on an inferior computer. Please consider becoming a patron of Ben Ubah’s R Community Explorer for as little as $1 / month. There is no time commitment – terminate patronge at any time. The […]

Meetup data in an Excel workbook and dataviz with R

I have an in-development but functional R package, meetupxlanimate, that makes heavy use of the R-Ladies meetupr package in acquiring event, attendee, and member-joining data for Meetup groups, and then storing that data in an Excel workbook. Data visualizations are also created. It is currently dependent on installing the Github version of meetupr and then […]

Updating Rcpp – EXTPRT_PTR error

TLDR: If you see an rsession.exe error that references EXTPRT_PTR when opening and closing R Studio after updating Rcpp, you appear to have the options of (i) updating R or (ii) installing the current Github version of Rcpp. *** I experienced a need to update Rcpp when I attempted to install the readxlsb R package, […]

R Users & R-Ladies GSoC Dashboard – preview

This project has been featured in the R-Consortium blog! https://www.r-consortium.org/blog/2019/08/12/r-community-explorer https://www.r-consortium.org/blog/2019/09/09/r-community-explorer-r-user-groups I recently completed my mentorship with Dr. Claudia Vitolo of Google Summer of Code 2019 (GSoC 2019) mentee, Ben Ubah. Ben designed a Travis Continuous Integration and JavaScript-based dashboard for R-Ladies, R Users, and GSoC R-Consortium projects. The R-Ladies meetupr package was strongly leveraged. […]

Ultimate Runner 2019 : 1st Seedlist in R

The first seeds have been released for the Ultimate Runner 2019, a June 29th multi-distance running event coordinated by the Twin City Track Club in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I used R and regular expressions to extract columnar data from an emailed non-fixed width table containing names, gender, age, and 1-mile seed times. You can download […]