Play by play: Updating documentation for RLadies meetupr package (A Github Experience)

[Mara Averick (@dataandme) of #DataScience Twitter fame is keynoting Analytics>Forward 2018 in Durham, North Carolina on March 10, 2018. I hope to see you there!] Introduction I call this series “Play by play” because unlike a tutorial, I am documenting most mistakes, success, and discoveries rather than designing this writing as an explicit guide. I aim this […] “YES” RSVP graphing (fun with httr package and RLadies meetupr)

Attending data science networking / training events consistently triggers me to learn stuff I otherwise would not have, regardless of what material is available online. The following use of R (#rstats) to download “YES” RSVPs  for the past four years’ Analytics Forward was greatly inspired by hearing RTP actuarial expert, Brian Fannin, present “Go Ape for […]

Variability of categorical variables using R (ragree::unalike)

[2018-02-13 Update: Github user raredd kindly responded and now I am going to use ragree::unalike because he/she showed that the function produced the same results for examples in the Kader and Perry paper referenced below, unlike RcmdrPlugin.ISCSS::unalike. As raredd also expressed, there is no indicated academic basis for RcmdrPlugin.ISCSS::unalike. raredd found and fixed a bug […]

Eliminating non-numeric characters from a value in Excel, SAS, and #rstats [R]

I often use Excel along with R. I sometimes receive identifier numbers with non-numeric characters such as hyphens (e.g., 3232-485-930). For joining purposes, I prefer to strip out the non-numeric values. In Excel, this handy formula works (change the L3 reference to that of your source cell). =SUMPRODUCT(MID(0&L3,LARGE(INDEX(ISNUMBER(–MID(L3,ROW($1:$25),1))* ROW($1:$25),0),ROW($1:$25))+1,1)*10^ROW($1:$25)/10) [CREDIT: Richard Schollar in the MrExcel […]