Age-graded track performance in #rstats – Carolina Godiva Track Club Part 2

Using Excel (.xls) files containing World Masters Athletics age-graded track tables on Howard Grubb’s website (, I have an R data frame that stores age-graded track performances for this year’s Carolina Godiva Track Club Summer Track Series track meets. These are all-ages, all-abilities races hand-timed by volunteers and often begun by our fearless, ear-protecting, honorable […]

Openxlsx column width setting using pmax() and apply() when “auto” truncates (#rstats)

I use the R package openxlsx, by Sydney’s Alexander Walker,  a few times per week. When professional stakeholders love Microsoft Excel, we give them the .XLSX workbooks that they seek. Using setColWidths (…, widths = “auto”)usually works to widen columns based on the values present in the workbook. However, I experienced earlier today a failure of this auto-widening feature. […]